Most frequent questions and answers

This training is best for beginners with basic computer knowledge. No prior coding knowledge required. 

Yes. Right now we are only offering course and live classes in Hindi language only.

Yes it is 100% free. Please share this good news with your friends.

Students will be able to create simple websites, Apps and games after successful completion of this training.

We recommend minimum 10 years of age to start this training. This training starts from the beginning of coding and continues at professional  level. So you may choose how much is good for your kid according to his/her age.

Complete training is based on practical and engagement with students to resolve their queries. 

Students can enroll anytime but they need to complete basic video lessons before they opt in for live classes.

Yes. Students can enroll for more than one course. Study material is different in every course if that particular course does not require a topic from another course.  

Please check full course details and sample class video before enrolling.

Yes. Students may use this course as a faster approach to reach their coding career goal.

At least 1 hour a day to learn and revise for good outcome. 

Yes. We motivate students to create projects and submit at their own pace.